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Everyone at Occasion Station is 100% committed to your gift-giving satisfaction. From when you first visit our website to the moment you receive a thank you from your gift recipient, we want you to feel like the service we provided was easy, convenient, and added value to your life.

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Our Vision

Relationships are important to us. We hope using this application and service not only makes it easier for you to tap into your gift-giving greatness, but we also hope that brought you closer to your loved ones. We hope, as this company continues to grow, that we’ll be able to find new ways to make special occasions brighter and relationships between the ones you love stronger.

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Committed to Giving More and Giving Meaningfully

One of our core focuses is to extend our mission and vision to those less fortunate. We are currently seeking opportunities to deliver smiles to those in this world who need a little extra cheerfulness. Nominate a charity for an Occasion Station collaboration (coming soon).

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We’re always open to improving your experience.

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Who are the shoppers?

Your Occasion Station experience is driven by our personal shoppers and their ability to deliver WOW! every single time they ship a gift on your behalf. We hire qualified personal shoppers and dedicate them a set number of accounts to manage. We train them to treat each customer with the highest regard, like a truly concierge experience. Learn more about our personal gift shoppers.

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