Event and Party Planning

Gift Treats That Are Perfect For Passover

Passover begins Friday, March 30th and runs through Saturday, April 7th. In the Jewish faith, celebrating Passover is something that’s been going on since 1300 bc. This time of the year is full of tradition. If you aren’t familiar with what Passover means, it’s an 8-day festival that always happens in early spring each year. […]

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St. Patrick’s Day 2018 Hostess Gift Ideas for the Luck of the Irish

More than likely you probably aren’t going to be giving out gifts on St. Patrick’s Day. You may want to pick up some green gear yourself in the form of the perfect St. Patrick’s Day shirt. If you’re in the corporate world, you might just hope that your employees show up the next day! At […]

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Halloween Appetizers and Party Ideas

Spooky Celebrations: Halloween Traditions for Everyone

Next to Christmas, Halloween is the most celebrated holiday in the United States, and many people embrace it with the same commitment and enthusiasm that mark Christmas. If you have never thought much of this holiday that celebrates all things dead and scary, you may be surprised to learn that not only are there hundreds […]

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Healthy Snack Ideas for Parties

Healthy (and Easy) Alternatives to Traditional Birthday Menus

When you throw a birthday party for your child, there are probably certain foods you expect to have on the menu. Foods such as pizza, chips, ice cream, and cake are staples at any child’s party. Unfortunately, these foods also tend to be unhealthy. Excessive sugar, preservatives, and other ingredients make these foods less than […]

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40th party drink tips

Planning an Amazing 40th: 4 Tips That Will Make Your Party Memorable for the Next Decade

Regardless of where you or your loved one stands on the matter, an amazing 40th birthday party can be the perfect start to the new decade. The difference between a party you will be talking about for the next 10 years and a party you will forget about next week can be a fine line.

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remembering birthdays, birthday cake

The Best Ways to Remember Birthdays (And Other Special Events)

Birthdays can be hard to remember, because everyone has one. Yet, at the same time, everyone wants their special day to be remembered. It might be reasonable for you to know your children’s and significant other’s birthdays off the top of your head, but how are you supposed to recall all of your friends’ and […]

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