What is Occasion Station?

Occasion Station is your gifting personal shopper that also offers you an easy way to remember special events for extended family including nieces, nephews, godchildren, cousins, and friends or clients, no matter what the occasion or where they live! Occasion Station’s team of personal shoppers eliminates the stress of giving by managing all the tasks involved with gift giving: Going shopping, selecting a custom gift, assembling packaging for shipping, and working hard to ensure that the gift will put a smile on the recipient’s face – always on time and at no hassle to you! You remain the “gift-giving” Hero – loved, appreciated and admired, we’ll do the running around for you.

How is Occasion Station different from traditional shopping and Other Personal Shopping Services?

With Occasion Station, you get all the benefits of traditional shopping – without the hassle.

Also, you never forget those special occasions (birthdays, Holidays etc.) for the important people in your life because their “gift stations” are always there to remind you and you have the option to automatically have the stations serviced by a personal shopper for every occasion. We aren’t limited by brands or partnerships as our personal shoppers often visit real stores to procure that perfect gift within your budget. Even if you have no clue as to what gift to give because of your recipient’s age – we’ll help you decide and you don’t have to answer any questions online. Sit back, relax, and no more trips to the mall for you. We do the shopping for you.

Who is Occasion Station for?

We provide an amazing platform that allows you to create as many occasions for as many important people in your life you want to manage. Our system makes sure you never forget an occasion again. You gain access to an amazing community with rich and innovative content on gifting; as well, you enjoy an auto gift registry that makes party planning a little easier.

We also provide exceptional gifting personal shopping services for customers who want to send one time or recurring occasion specific gifts to the special people in their lives – kids, teens and adults. Businesses can also use our great platform to send gifts to their special clients and vendors for those important occasions they want to mark.

How does it work?


How much do gifts cost?

We have no limits on selections – if there’s a store or brand that carries it, our personal shoppers will get it for you. Average gift price points vary by age cluster and we can provide you sample cost averages (for e.g. typical spends are between $55 – $125 for Kids and Teens; higher for adults) to help you budget. And as you know, it also depends on the occasion – so, whatever your budget, we’ll help you find an amazing, yet appropriate (for kids/teens), gift that important person in your life will remember you for.

What brands do you carry?

We do NOT hold inventory and are not limited by any brand so we can access them all. If they are out there and you want them – let us help you go shopping for them.

How often will “gift station” recipients receive a gift?

Depending on the occasion, when you set up your station it will be automatically set to re-occur at the appropriate anniversary you provide – typically, annually like birthdays and holidays (Christmas). 30-days prior to the next anniversary, you will get a notification for you to confirm any changes you want to make to the budget (given the recipient is 1-year older in the case of birthdays). In the case where you have a personal shopper assigned - once you confirm the budget, your personal shopper will connect with you as he/she procures an appropriate gift as planned and that your recipient will love and remember you for.

Note that a personal shopper will only be involved only if you have selected to activate the personal shopper service on a particular gift station.




When will my credit card be charged?

For FREE membership you never have to enter your credit card information unless you decide to upgrade to PREMIUM or you activate a “personal shopper”. When you enter your credit card information, the card will be charged immediately depending on what you chose. Recall that, for premium membership you have the option to pay the whole year (12months) in advance for a discount or keep it a monthly recurring fee. You may begin setting up gift stations for as many people and occasions you want.

If you choose to activate the use of a personal shopper – There is no additional charge for premium members. Free account users will be charged $18 for a personal shopping service. Remember to set up your occasion station as early as possible.

Can I set up as many “Stations” as I want?

Yes, premium members may create unlimited stations at no extra charge. Free account users may create a limited number of stations (3).

I have a billing question.

If you need help with a billing related question or account cancellation options, contact us online here or by phone at 1-844-651-2270 ext. 0.

For membership cancelations, please note that once your account is past its trial phase you will be charged any remainder months on your annual contract if you choose to cancel within your 12-months membership period.  You will continue to have access to your “Gift Hub” and stations for the remainder months.  You will not be automatically charged for a renewal unless you explicitly confirm your desire to renew.

If you activated the personal gift shopper services, you should note that you can cancel up through 30 days before the specified occasion.  You will be refunded the fee charged ONLY if you cancel before 30 days of the specific event/occasion.


Returns & Exchanges


Do you handle returns & exchanges?

No. However, we neatly place the gift receipt in an envelope in the gift box going to the recipient so they may choose to return or exchange it at their convenience. This is unusual but we have made provisions to ensure it is simple if anyone was to avail themselves of it.




How does shipping work?

Shipping is free (for all packages less than one pound) within the domestic United States ONLY. We ship via US Postal Service and UPS.

Can I track my shipment? How?

Of course. We’ll send you an email with a tracking number once your order has shipped.

Where do you ship?

We’ll ship anywhere; we currently ship for free (items less than 1lb) in the United States only. Charges will apply if shipping outside the United States.



I have some questions. How do I reach you?

Contact us any time by calling 1-844-651-2270 or by emailing support@www.occasionstation.com

I sent an email but haven’t heard back?

We try to respond to every submission within 1 business days. If you have an immediate concern, please call 1-844-651-2270 ext.1 and one of our customer care associates will be happy to help you.

I have a billing question.

If you need help with a billing related question or account cancellation options, contact us online here or by phone at 1-844-651-2270 ext. 0.


Coupons & Promotions


Do you sell gift cards?

You can also purchase an Occasion Station subscription as a as gift card to recipient. Your option for delivery is via Email.


Social Impact


Does Occasion Station make charitable donations?

At Occasion Station, we care deeply about social impact and remain committed to improving the lives of people in the communities we touch – especially kids and teens. We’re currently looking to develop and grow our Los Angeles based team to grow our impact strategy—to give more and give meaningfully. Currently, we are working to donate several occasion station “gift” boxes to a select group of orphanages, shelters and children’s hospital wing with terminally ill patients for the coming Christmas season. We plan to put smiling faces on the kids we touch through this outreach and hope you can participate too.

If you would like to nominate other charitable avenues or a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization that you would like us to consider or to receive in-kind donations to support people in need, please fill out this contact form and we will be in touch with you.