Gear Up For Wedding Season With These Extra Special Gifts

Friday, April 13th, 2018 by Occasion Station Gift Giving Advice Gift Tips Interesting Things

The spring and summer wedding season is upon us now. Are you in that age group where all of your friends are tying the knot left and right? There’s probably a stack of invitations pinned to your refrigerator! If you are then you probably have a slew of wedding dates coming up this blissful season to attend. Are you confident in the gifts you’ll be bringing with you? Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful when you have Occasion Station behind you all the way.


After all, whether it’s your best friend, a co-worker from your corporate office, or even a cherished family member, like your favorite cousin, it’s time to make sure you are going to go above and beyond what’s just listed on their registry. Get creative with exceptional gifts curated from Occasion Station’s Wedding Gift Gallery. Or have one of our skilled personal gift-shoppers do all the shopping for you! Make this wedding season a piece of cake for all your gifting needs.


Our Wedding Gift Gallery


From the engagement, bridal shower, and if you’re the bride or groom, we have an exceptional selection of cool gifts to give your bridal party. Everything for wedding gift season is here for you to take the legwork out of shopping yourself.


Set up Separate Gift Stations for Each Couple Getting Married


This is total gift management at the touch of a button. Check out how it’s done in this quick video that explains our unique concept of gift service.


Each betrothed couple will have their own unique gift station on your free account. That way you won’t confuse the Smiths with the Roberts.


You can also look through our Gift Gallery to check out gifts that are geared towards different types of couples. We have “classic” gifts, ones with a cool “hipster vibe” for that couple you know who is always up on the latest trends, and a “romantic” category for the couple who just can’t keep their hands off each other.


This Might be the Cutest Gift Ever


Check out this adorable Otterly Romantic Framed Art Print. You can even have this embossed with the couple’s names and wedding date. This is a gift they will smile about for years to come.

Or how about something for their new dining room table? This Forever Love Heart in Brass is an iconic gift that will become an heirloom that they can pass down. Keep in mind this can also be personalized or engraved for that extra special touch.


If your friends who are getting married like to be adventurous in the great outdoors, then this Kelty Double Sleeping Bag will surely impress them and become a useful part of their journey together. Honeymoon in Yellowstone Park anyone?


Don’t Let Wedding Gift Season Sneak up on You


Be prepared for all the wedding gift opportunities by checking out everything that Occasion Station has to offer. You can also visit our social media pages, like Instagram or Facebook, to see special gift items posted each week, so check back often to #sharetheoccasion.


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