Social Impact Groups and Smart Gifting


Be a Smarter Gift Giver

As a member at Occasion Station, our Smart Gifting system makes it easy for users to give to charitable causes.

Occasion Station’s Smart Gifting brings people and social causes together.

We’re building a community through better gifting. Start with membership and bring your family and friends together on the occasions and causes that matter.


Ready To Start Smarter Gifting?

Occasion Station is actively seeking great organizations to build our social causes community. Request your free charity group account today.

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Smarter Gifting = A Better World

Occasion Stations Smart Gifting platform can also be used for charities, orphanages and other service organizations. A non-profit organization can apply for a public Group gifting page. Members of Occasion Station can browse the charity pages and choose to adopt one of the posted gifting stations as their own. The member can immediately activate personal shopping to engage in supporting the organization.

Our Vision

Relationships are important to us. We hope using this application and service not only makes it easier for you to tap into your gift-giving greatness, but helps you to build your relationships. We hope, as this company continues to grow, that we’ll be able to find new ways to make special occasions brighter and relationships stronger.