Sharing and Social Causes


As a premium member at Occasion Station, you can easily share occasion reminders with your friends and family by inviting them to your gift stations. Our Smart Gifting system also makes it easy for users to give to charitable causes.




Be a smarter gift-giver.

Link people together with great gift-giving.

Give gifts to a local charity.

Share and adopt stations in seconds.

Occasion Station’s Smart Gifting brings people and social causes together.

We’re building a community through better gifting. Start with a premium membership and bring your family and friends together around the occasions and causes that matter.


What is Smart Gifting?

Smart Gifting is a truly revolutionary way to share your stations with other people who need to remember the same special occasions. Our Smart Gifting system allows you to share one of your stations with someone else who might want that same station in their gift hub.

These features are available to premium members. Sign up for membership today. 

Smarter Gifting = A Better World

Occasion Stations Smart Gifting platform can also be used for charities, orphanages and other service organizations. A non-profit organization can apply for a public Group gifting page. Members of Occasion Station can browse the charity pages and choose to adopt one of the posted gifting stations as their own. The member can immediately activate personal shopping to engage in supporting the organization.


Occasion Station is actively seeking great organizations to build our social causes community. Request your free charity group account today.

Apply to start a group account