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Activate personal shopping for one of your loved one’s upcoming special occasions in just seconds. Premium members get special discount pricing – the personal shopping fee is FREE on as many occasions as you want to setup in your account! (7% handling fee for the gift purchase applies.)

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What is Occasion Station?

Occasion Station is not your typical subscription service. Powered by real personal shoppers and managed with technology, Occasion Station provides you with a gift-shopping portal to not only remind you of special occasions coming up, but allows you to subscribe to a personal shopping service for each occasion so you’re guaranteed to deliver a smile every time. Never forget a special occasion for someone you love again.

Remember Every Occasion.

As a member, your dashboard allows you to add stations for everyone you care about. Add your mom and dad, nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, significant others and best friends.

Occasion Station Member

Once that special person in your life is assigned a station on your dashboard, you can add occasions to that station to be remembered. For example, perhaps you’ll add in your mother’s station: her birthday, Mother’s Day, her wedding anniversary and Christmas.

Our system will remind you of special occasions 30 days, 15 days and 7 days prior to the date so you’re reminded to buy a gift. You may add as many stations and occasions as you’d like as a member. Learn about the ways to use Occasion Station.

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Save Time. Save Frustration.

In a world of way too many options, even when you do remember to get a gift for the one you love, scrolling through online stores can be time consuming and confusing. With your membership, personal shopping is available to you at special discounted pricing. And for a limited time, your first personal gift shopping event is free.

Personal Gift Shopper

How Does Personal Shopping Work?

For a personal shopper to start the process of shopping for an activated occasion on your dashboard, all you need to do is make sure you’ve completed a short profile survey about the person who is assigned to the station. With that information, an Occasion Station personal shopper will find a perfect and truly unique gift in the budget range you selected, package the gift in our branded gift box and ship the box in time for their special occasion. Shipping is always included for free for gifts under 1 lb. We even include a thank you card for your gift recipient to send back to you so you know how they enjoyed the gift. See some examples from our gift shopping team.

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