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With Occasion Station on your side, never lift a finger to send great gifts again. You provide us with a name, age, budget and occasion, and we'll take care of the gift ideation, gift shopping, customization, packaging and delivery.

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Membership Details

Gift Stations

→ Customized Gift Stations
→ Service for as many occasions (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, office parties, holidays, just because...etc.) as you desire

Personal Shopping Service

→ Access to a personal professional gift shopper who can give you ideas and do the shopping for you.
→ Access to our ideation, gifting, customization, and packaging services. You never lift a finger after you join.
→ Purchase your chosen gift.

Lists - Reminders - Newsletter

→ Giftspiration Wish Lists
→ Occasion Reminders
→ Gift Ideas Newsletters

Discounts & Promotions

→ Personal Shopper Discounts
→ Special Seasonal Promotions

Sharing & Caring

→ Smart Gifting Sharing Stations
Invite and share stations with other members.

→ Social Cause Gifting
View and adopt stations for charities and orphanages.

Shipping & Rewards

→ Purchase, Wrap, & Ship Gifts

→ Free Shipping (1LB or Less)

→ Starr Rewards
Earn points towards your next personal shopper fee after each use - personal shopper is free for every 25 points earned.

Gift Management
Professional Gift Shoppers
Social Charitable Gifting
Save Frustration

How It Works

Occasion Station is your personal gift service that builds relationships through thoughtful gift giving.


Provide Information

Based on information you give us including name and budget for your friend, family, client, employee, or colleague that you wish to gift to; we'll include information on personal interests and record all the important gifting dates and events such as closing a sale, birthday, or major holiday, and set you up with one of our exclusive personal shoppers.

  • Add Family Member, Friend, or Colleague Information

  • Add Occasions Such as a Holiday, Business Thank You, or Birthday

  • Include Special Dates & Events

  • Include Gift Budget

  • Include Suggested Gift Category Interests

  • Our system will automatically send reminder notifications 30, 15, and 7 days prior to your occasion


Activate Shopping

Once we have your gift goals and recipient information, we'll activate your personal gift shopping to begin our ideation process, then contact you to discuss our gift ideas based on the recipient information and budget. You can request specific favorite stores, such as Nordstorm, Neiman Marcus, or Golf Galaxy, or rely on your Personal Shoppers expertise.

  • Choose Activate Personal Shopper Option

  • Make Gift Suggestions If Desired

  • At Your Request, We Can Have Gifts Monogrammed

  • Choose Specific Favorite Stores (if desired), Such as Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom

  • Your Personal Shopper Will Contact You to Discuss Their Gifts Ideas

  • A Hand Written Gift Card is Written with Your Personal Message


Delivered On Time

After the perfect gift is selected, your personal shopper uploads a photo to your Gift Hub, where you can see the final gift and packaging as it will be presented to your gift recipient. Your gift is shipped 7 days in advance of your occasion, with a personal handwritten note. You can spend your time focused on business and personal goals.

  • After The Perfect Gift Is Chosen Your Personal Shopper Uploads A Photo To Your Gift Hub

  • Your Gift is Shipped 7 Days Prior To Event or Occasion Date

  • Gifts Weighing Less Than 1 LB Ship for Free.

  • Heavier Packages Ship for $8 to $15 Shipping Charge

  • Your Personal Shopper Sends the Package Shipping Tracking Number


Occasion Station is AMAZING & Improving my Life: I’ve utilized Occasion Station two times now, and just started a 3rd station a few minutes ago.    LOVE IT!    OS (and Bella in particular) is turning me into a superstar amongst my friends and coworkers.   Bella gets the lionshare of the credit – she’s amazing, efficient, intuitive, and everything I could ask for in a personal shopper.

— Guy Cammilleri: CEO of Worlds Gym Franchises

Uses Occasion Station to gift employees and clients.

— Alex Ismael: CEO / Owner - Liberty Paper, Inc

Uses OccasionStation to gift to all internal employees; believes in employee wellness and appreciation.

— Dr. Bardia Anvar, CEO - Skilled Wounds Care

Uses OccasionStation to gift to clients and employees and after every deal close.

-Ari Afshar: Owner, CEO - Ari Afshar and Associates


“The mental exhaustion of running your own business doesn’t just take its toll in the office — if you’re not careful, it can also affect your personal life as well. Occasion Station ensures that you’ll never forget the things that matter most." 

— The Next Web


“The mental exhaustion of running your own business doesn’t just take its toll in the office — if you’re not careful, it can also affect your personal life as well. Occasion Station ensures that you’ll never forget the things that matter most." 

— The Next Web


“When you’re pressed for time, you cannot do all of the things you want to—like buying gifts for loved ones. Although personalized gifts are ideal, it’s impossible for busy entrepreneurs to create their own gifts 100 percent of the time. Let Occasion Station shop and ship for you"

— Will Caldwell, Huffington Post



"Instead of taking time away from your business to think about the perfect gift, including where you’ll get it and how it'll be delivered, you can outsource this task and stay worry-free.  Upload important dates into their platform, and their professional shoppers send presents to the important clients and employees."



"There is one service, however, that was, until recently, absent from the market: gift giving. Given everything we have at our fingertips, it seems a bit odd that nobody has thought to take care of one of the most commonly forgotten tasks. Think about it—you may be good at remembering your parents’ birthdays, and you know what day Christmas is, but outside of that, how on top of your gift-giving schedule are you?"

— StarterPad


"Designed with busy moms in mind, Occasion station allows you to input the names of anybody you’ll be needing to buy a gift for, the dates that they’ll need said gift, and their interests and hobbies. From there, either you’ll get a reminder when the time comes to buy a gift, or if you’d rather, Occasion Station’s team takes over. They’ll take care of the whole process allowing you to continue to be on the ball without having to interrupt your schedule."

— Kaboutjie


"Lest we forget, life goes on outside of work. While your business requires daily scheduling, you can’t forget about the rest of your life, either. Enter Occasion Station. It is an online, well, station, where users can input information on family and friends, schedule their birthdays, holidays, or other important events, and let the service take care of the actual gift giving."

— Born2Invest


"All entrepreneurs are busy, but only some are productive. Many hopeful business owners block themselves from success because they work inefficiently. On the other hand, some up-and-coming entrepreneurs rise to the top because they understand how to make the most of their busy schedules."

— Business2Community