Kids Birthday Party Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 by Occasion Station Advice for Parents Birthdays Gift Giving Advice Teens and Young Adults

Kids are expensive. That’s even an understatement. How about all those birthday parties they go to? Legos, dolls, toy trucks, and even video games can add up when you’re running out to the toy section of Target to buy that all-important party gift.


Plus, if your little one also goes to a school where the policy is to invite everyone to any birthday parties that are being held means your child’s social calendar is pretty full!


Don’t think twice about gifts. There is a certain status requirement for a child in presenting the right gifts to their friends. Parents might not talk about this openly, but it’s true.


That’s why every other weekend when someone is having a bash that requires the proper gift, you need to be on top of the birthday situation. We have the best solutions here at Occasion Station for kids party gift ideas that won’t break the bank. The coolest part is that you’ll never forget any of their BFF’s birthdays!


Set up Gift Stations in Advance for Each of Your Child’s Friends


The beginning of each school year, you get a list of everyone in your child’s class. That’s the perfect time to input all of their names and set up a gift station for each of their buddies on your own free Occasion Station account.


So for every Molly, Aidan, Charlotte or little Julianna on your list, you’ll be able to look through our birthday gift gallery for gift ideas or even leave all the work to your own personal gift-shopper. Trust us, each of our very talented gift-shoppers is up on the latest and hottest trends in kids’ gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the birthday boy or girl’s face!


Introducing our new Party Invitations


When you are throwing your own blow out celebration for your child, keep in mind that we also have a brand new e-invitation section for you to use. Let’s party! This is truly the way to send out any invites you need with our FREE E-Invitation tool Giftspiration Invitations, you can create an online invitation in seconds. Learn more.


Be ready for a birthday party season that will be easier than ever. No more running out to the toy store at the last minute to secure that all-important gift. Rest easy that when you have Occasion Station in your back pocket, all your child’s birthday parties will be a snap!


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