Using Occasion Station as Your Personal Shopper for Gifts and More

 A Birthday Reminder App and So Much More

Do you ever think “You know what? I'm too busy to deal with this. I have no idea what to get. I hate shopping. It puts me in a cranky mood, but I want to get something special so they know I’m thinking of them.”  We understand.

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Your Time Matters

Our team caters to your fast-paced and hectic lifestyle.
Our service covers both Personal and Corporate celebrations and gifts, and each item is chosen with care.
We find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Some areas where we can help you:

remembering birthdays and occasions

Remembering Special Occasions

Blanking on the date of your anniversary is BAD.
Can’t figure out what to give your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? That’s BAD.
Forgetting your mother’s birthday is VERY BAD.

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Let us turn those “BAD” days to “GOOD” ones.

We will help you remember to send cards and gifts to friends and family before it’s too late. Occasion Station is a birthday reminder app PLUS a reminder for any occasion! We know there are dozens of “reminder” applications on the market, but we take it a step beyond that and get a personalized gift chosen and sent in time. You can set up options for birthdays, anniversaries, and special events, along with major holidays or dates that are meaningful to you.

delivering gifts

Care Packages

It’s almost too easy to stay in touch these days – digitally anyway. You can “share” “tweet” or “chat” to say, "I care about you," "I miss you," and "I’m thinking about you." And that’s great, but maybe it’s time for reaching out IRL (in real life) to make someone feel special.

We can help you prepare a collection of goodies for someone at college, a loved one away from home for work or service, to help a friend get well, for encouragement or even in sympathy. Let us find the perfect gift package that will convey how much you care by sharing your love and compassion in a tangible way.

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Corporate Gifts

The gifts you give say a lot about your business. Did you just land a great client? Is your second-in-command coming up on 5 years with your company? Do you want to thank that customer who’s been with you since the beginning for their loyalty? You can build strong relationships by showing appreciation to those who make your business a success. But spending your time focusing on writing cards and shopping for presents may not be the best use of your resources.

We can provide meaningful gifts that inspire and delight business partners, investors, employees, and executives for any occasion, as well as purchase products for gift bag giveaways at special events, conferences, and meetings.

NOTE: Special pricing is available for corporate accounts. Learn more about how we help businesses.

Save time. Remove the stress.

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The perfect gifts are just a click or phone call away.

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More Than A Birthday Reminder App

Forgetting an important date is embarrassing and causes unneeded stress. Trying to find the perfect gift last minute is almost impossible. Let’s be honest – last minute gifts are probably not as meaningful as they would be if they had been well thought out. Occasion Station has the tools you need to ease the embarrassment and anxiety of forgetfulness and lack of planning. Don’t let social media be your only way to remember birthdays. Occasion Station can serve as a birthday reminder app as well as a reminder app for any occasion.

demo of activating personal shopper

You can (and should) plan gifts ahead to avoid any last minute panic. Join free to set up reminders for special occasions, or set up a premium account for a low monthly cost to have access to unlimited occasion reminders and inexpensive personal shopping. The personal shopping fee is waived (free shopping help!) for premium members for unlimited stations and occasions. Never miss an important date and never buy an ill-suited gift again.

Personal Gift Shopper

Occasion Station takes only seconds to setup, but it will save you months of stress! With our quick and easy setup, you will remember every occasion for any important person in your life, whether it is your close family, a best friend, or even a client. Beyond just remembering birthdays and events, we have a team of real people powering everything we do. Our personal gift shoppers are on-call to take care of gifts when you really need them. As a premium member, you can even share stations with other members and give gifts to charity. Whether you want to remember an important date or find just the right gift, Occasion Station is the tool for you.


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